kelly cut out gluten...and dairy...and eggs

pizza time!

pizza, in my humble opinion, is one of the greatest foods of all time. something about it is just amazing. of course, it typically contains all the foods i am allergic to.  sucks to be me, right? wrong!  i just enjoyed a wonderful gluten/dairy/egg free pizza thanks to pamela’s gluten-free bread mix and daiya dairy-free mozzarella 

i’m so thankful for the innovative minds that think up products such as these. the bread mix has a recipe for making pizza crust, and it is one of the tastiest i’ve had.  i find it tastes especially good when you add a little corn meal. 

while i admit there is nothing like real cheese, daiya has come impressively close.  their mozzarella has a great, cheese-like flavor.  it not only tastes awesome, but it actually melts and stretches like cheese! i was really impressed by that because, believe me, not all dairy-free products are created equal.  i’ve been slightly disturbed by witnessing the results of trying to melt other cheese substitutes…*shudder*


for tonight’s pizza, i followed the pizza crust recipe on the pamela’s bag, added some pizza sauce (gluten free, vegan pizza sauce, of course), chicken, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and olives, all topped off with the daiya “cheese.”  mmm mmm! my boyfriend and i killed the whole pizza! i highly recommend both products! :D